1.WEB and Design:
(Design, Development, Support, Marketing)

We make WEB sites, name cards, flyers, logos, documents for products’ marketing for corresponding many languages for oversea expansion.
Also, we support for market opening in the field of WEB marketing.

・Concrete products / services

1.Design → WEB sites, name cards, flyers, logos, related products, documents for products’ marketing.

2.Development → WEB sites, WEB sites for many languages.

3.Support → managing and maintenance of WEB businesses.

4.Marketing → SEO measurement of WEB, marketing research.

2.Trade business

We can purchase and sell various products from overseas and Japan.

It is  possible to support overseas deployment of Japanese products.

Please let us support business related to trade.

・Concrete products / services

1.Buying and selling products which are selected by us from Japan and Europe.

2.Buying products and services for individual, parties, and corporates.

3.Supporting trade business for individual, parties, and corporates.


We can support Japanese companies to start business in all of Europe.

Let’s  explore the European market with us.

・Concrete products / services

Supporting all things for overseas expansion.

1.Market research

2.Finding customer segments

3.Advising business strategies

4.Supporting for documents making

5.Helping to contact related offices