NEWS, SAMUSTAR!始動!, いざ世界へ♪

SAMUSTAR! Multiple projects have progressed!

Hello! My name is Tatsuya Horiguchi of  SAMUSTAR!

SAMUSTAR start from January 23.

And my company HP, business card  was finally completed. Starting this February 1st, we started this work.
It’s fun and fun to work, from morning till evening, most of the time other than sleeping is immersed in work.

※It is a business card completed today.


Finally, several projects related to trade have also started to move.
Everything straddled the country, it is a very exciting content.

A big project under progress is roughly like this!

1, spread local delicious local sake of local Shiga to the Dutch market.
2, bring Italian Toscanella wine to the Japanese market
3, famous sword in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, Damascus watch MUSHA making full use of traditional technology to Europe.
4, purchase of medical loupe, ZEISS (Germany), UNIVET (Italy) purchase
5, LINE’s development of the European market→※ Scheduled to TV conference in the future.
6, Dutch design card case wallet to the Japanese market (Wanted distributor wanting to spread to the Japanese market!)
7, Hikone’s Enka Kayo song to the Dutch music industry→※ Scheduled to TV conference in the future.
8, Netherlands market survey of Menard cosmetics → ※ Scheduled to TV conference in the future.

※ 2, product description of Italian wine and market research and marketing

※3, Videoconferencing for Damascus watch MUSHA to the European market

※ 4, purchasing medical loupe, cultivating sales channels.


In addition, in Japan, the north is Tokyo, Saitama, Gifu, Shiga, Osaka, Fukuoka, the south is Okinawa
Overseas, the Netherlands, as well as Italy, Germany,
In other countries, from the United States, Sri Lanka and many other places,
There is a very fascinating story and this is a project with a future in the long term so I want to progress little by little!

Through actual actions, wear the living knowledge firmly! And steadily accumulate experience and achievements.
And, to become a star of Samurai that connects Japan and Europe and the world, I will devote day by day!

Meeting people in various parts of Japan and overseas that I have visited so far
The point and the point become a line through the business, and the whole world

Is not it a circle (and a very strong edge)? What? It feels like I feel! !

On the contrary, I am enjoying my work too much, forgetting to lie down from morning till evening,
I’m preoccupied with my work .
By transferring the past ties, ideas and ideas to immediate action and trying out all kinds of ways
It leads to infinite possibilities.

Such work so far is exactly the happiness that is exhausted by the Omi merchant

It may be exactly my vocation! I thought.


The goal currently imposed on one, the only one

From today to tomorrow! Become myself who day after tomorrow from tomorrow!

So, it’s a series of new challenges, and every possible way of thought and idea

Trying & erroneously turning round and round the PDCA cycle!

This week was a really heavy week.
Next week, I will be doing my best, it will be an exciting week! !

It seems that the load is still insufficient, so I have your request for work ♪.
Let’s bring the new soul of Samurai to the Netherlands and Europe together! !

Work, partner’s request from here ♪
Job request
Partner request

Well then (^ ^) /

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