NEWS, SAMUSTAR!始動!, いざ世界へ♪, オランダでの暮らし

SAMUSTAR!! Get start!!

Hallow my name is Horiguchi Tatsuya . Nice name is Gucci (@tatsubou123

Last weekend, Japanese samurai! I made a trading company.

Business registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is finally complete!

With this, I can formally work more and more in the Netherlands!

And this time logo design after a long time ♪

★ SAMUSTAR! Finally it is starting! !




We will become star of samurai in Europe! !

I decided that the company name is SAMUSTAR.

(First is Samurai euro star! Haha)

Tradition companies, websites, manufacturers, etc. I was able to learn various things throughout society considerably,
It is a business that will bring together all the power and will do it in the future.

As a business I would like to do most in this company,

Trade & overseas expansion support.

(If you can trade, first of all, I want to spread Shiga's sake in the Netherlands!)

Like the old Omi merchants, I want to tell the charm of Japan, good stuff, things to Europe and the world! !
Also the opposite is true! !
However, sufficient funds are needed to ensure stable and continuous trade.


Therefore, at the outset, focusing on production around the Web, marketing, services, trade support etc.
I would like to develop business and secure stable earnings necessary for trade.

I want to develop business in Japan, the Netherlands, Europe! I want to spread the product! Create sites for overseas,
Those who wish to support total support such as flyer making, concept design, new product development, please call out! !

Please work! !

Also, around the web (designer, programmer), around trade, international law, funding, English etc.
Those who are familiar with it will be glad if they can cooperate as a partner.

I think whether the range that one can do is limited.
I want to step forward with the same feelings so that more people can be given joy and excitement! !

Have a samurai soul and work together in Europe
Let's win the game! !


Request for work, partner, may be able to cooperate in such a case?

Please give me a DM here if you care little.

In case

Japan’s Samurai Spirit to the Netherlands! And to Europe! !

As the start of business, I will START from January 23, 2018 today!
Their website, business cards, flyer etc. are rapidly finishing and I will finish the production in January,
I think that we can start a work order from February. (1 • ㅁ • 1) 7 ✧

In case

Gives given and gives!

I would like to do that in 2018.

In case

I want to raise independent people who think and act on things with my own head!
I want to educate for that in the future!
I have a big dream that I am, first of all, I will become that person! !

For the world, for people, Shiga, Japan, the Netherlands, and the rest of the world

I want to do social contribution as well! ! get along!

Donation to Japanese and overseas support organizations for at least 1 to 5% of ordinary profit every year,

I would like to carry out actual support activities as well. do!

As a first step for that, first of all, this project! I will make it exactly the same shape.

I think that if I am going to be a year and a half later, I can take it on a scale that can be registered in Japan or the Netherlands!

I can  do it! !

Also, I would like to borrow the power of many people and I am happy if I can grow together to the upper stage.
We look forward to your continued support and cooperation, thank you.

Well then!



PS. On February 1st our company HP was finally completed.

It is three countries correspondence not only to Japanese and Dutch, but to the world which it will reach anyway.

I am waiting for a lot of work.

Well then ~ (^^) /

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